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Where Travel is Difficult or Ill Advised

This video blog by Zoetic lists countries where it is difficult to travel on a US passport.  Great information – including citing I like the way he notes that ...

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Missing from Action – America’s Career Officers

  A critical factor in keeping Americans safe is sufficient career officers applying experience and country knowledge. This is as true for consular affairs as it is for other diplomatic ...

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Celebrating Extraordinary Consuls – Philip T Reeker

  On 18 January, 1-800Home honored our US Consular Corps with our guest of honor Ron Packowitz, Head of US Citizen Services at the Embassy in London.  Our annual  recognition  ...

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Why Diplomats and the Military are Partners

Former Ambassador to Afghanistan Ron E. Neumann explains why a strong Foreign Service is necessary to keep Americans safe.

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In An Emergency Communication is Key

In 2005 the Senate Foreign Relations committee received testimony about the actions of the State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs to the Tsunami in Asia. They learned that the State ...

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