Call to Action

Writing to Congress

The following is a sample letter for Members of Congress. To find your member click here.

Dear Member of Congress

I am writing to urge you in the strongest possible terms to support a Strong Career Foreign Service. Millions of Americans traveling, working and studying outside of the United States depend on consular officials to replace passports, contact loved ones, visit in hospitals and keep them informed in the event of a political crisis or natural disaster.

Americans  living overseas have watched in dismay as reduced budgets have threatened services to Americans and discouraged talented young people from seeking a career in the State Department. We appreciate congressional efforts to shore up budgets for federal employees and respectfully request that Congress dedicate itself to the long term health of the US Foreign Service.  We would like to see  strong annual recruitment goals,  strong career progression right through the most senior ranks for professional officers and a strong budget enabling our officers and staff to be safe and to have the tools they need to serve the American public.

Please remember that you have constituents in many countries outside of the United States and we also need our government.