Strong Numbers in the Foreign Service


Two years ago 2 Foreign Service classes were nearly canceled through cuts.  Happily, the officers in those classes are now on board but it was a scary thought that the talent pool for officers could be cut off.  Without new officer classes there will be less people in embassies and at the State Department to assist Americans in trouble and to keep us safe.  Temporary programs or non officer positions are not a substitute for officer level positions.  Talented, committed individuals will either not take those positions or leave taking their experience and especially their potential with them.  Anyone who started at the bottom of their company or sector knows the value of manager who have worked their way up.   The same is true for the Foreign Service. Over the years the State Department has constantly sought to improve outreach and services to US citizens. Those improvements are the result of a corps where senior  officers have risen through the ranks. The American public deserves to know that we will never run short of well trained and experienced officers.