A Strong Budget for the Foreign Service


The United States is a superpower and we have citizens studying, working and travelling all over the planet.  We need to afford the resources to help Americans in need.  In the event that a natural disaster or war warrants an evacuation by the military, US embassies and the State Department in Washington are part of the team coordinating with national and local officials in the affected country, communicating with US citizens and of course with our military to help people out of physical danger. The good news is that evacuations on that scale are rare and  assistance in most situations involve measures that are simple and do not require an army (literally).  They do require a strong budget to ensure we have secure embassies and consulates wherever they are required.  The back up for those overseas facilities are the men and women at the State Department. Families in the US concerned about a missing loved one call the State Department who use their local contacts backed up by language skills and knowledge of the country to locate the missing loved one.