Consular Tips

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) lets the nearest embassy or consulate know where you will be. When unexpected situations occur, communication is the number one priority for family.

If you are vacationing abroad for the first time, please get into the excellent habit of signing up for STEP.  If you are a seasoned traveler don’t ignore STEP because you know your way around.   Consuls can use the information about your itinerary to send you alerts about rapidly developing situations, whether it is a police incident or a natural disaster.  Enroll in STEP and then enjoy the vacation!

Study Abroad students particularly in Europe spend a  lot of weekends travelling and seeing as many countries as possible.  If you are student abroad or have a child or relative who is, encourage them to sign up for STEP. Young people are not always communicative about their travel plans.  Let STEP help everyone get in touch in case of emergency.

Americans Living Abroad can also benefit from STEP as it may be easier to spend most vacations in third countries.  Don’t be complacent about your comfort in living overseas. Enroll in STEP for  travel outside your place of residence in case of illness or unforeseen circumstances. Make it easy for your family back in the United States to know you are okay.