Who You Gonna Call?

The Diplomatic Work Day

What is the day to day experience of being a Foreign Service Officer? At our recent Diplomatic Careers panel this question was asked and it's a great question! We are ...

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From Korea to London: A Foreign Service Career

We asked the Head of Non Immigrant Visas at the Embassy in London to Discuss her Foreign Service Journey so far. In undergraduate school I studied English and Philosophy. Before ...

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A Diplomats Job: Defending American Interests and Helping Citizens

American diplomats have one focus: defending and advancing American interests.  In my decades in the Foreign Service, including three years as U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan as well as in senior ...

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Economic Section Chief – Looking out for US on Economic Issues and Brexit

This blog is taken a panel discussion on Foreign Service Careers organised for students in London by 1-800Home. I run the Economics Section in the Embassy. That is the place ...

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The ‘MicMa’ Explains the Hidden Management of An Embassy

The second of our blogs explaining the various responsibilities of the officers at the US Embassy in London.  The Management Section is composed of a number of functions that provide ...

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